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29 Oct 18 - Hip Pain
Do you suffer from hip pain?  Check out our three video series we have uploaded onto facebook, outlining strength exercises, treatment strategies and stretches for hip pain.

20 Aug 18 - Chris Frith on 'putting things off' 
Do you put things off?
Our physiotherapist, Chris Frith, sure does!
Throughout his entire university course, and since graduating, he has experienced a persistent problem with his vision! Specifically reading off lecture boards, computer screens or projector presentations. This would often leave him with an awful headache and sore eyes.
After 5 years of complaining, he finally saw an optometrist and was prescribed glasses, and now his only complaint is not getting his eyes tested sooner!
There are a lot of people like Chris, who put up with niggling issues or discomfort daily. Back pain and foot pain are common complaints. The good news is; physiotherapy can help with these problems. So if you have pain, discomfort or difficulty with daily activities, don’t ‘put if off’. Book in to see Erica or Chris today!